Computer Systems Access

Changes to the UWHealth IT organization have necessitated that the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health implement a new procedure for requesting access to DFMCH/UWHealth related computer system resources.  As the DFMCH participates in the overall UWHealth Information Systems infrastructure, as well as operating as a part of the UWHC physical data network, we are expected to follow certain guidelines. 

Please note; this process applies to ALL requests for computer access.  This includes:

  • New employees seeking access to electronic resources of any sort
  • Returning employees who have had a break in service
  • Current employees requesting changes (additions or revisions) in their current access

Completion of the compliance trainings (and other items depending upon DFMCH role) is a prerequisite for access to UW Computer Systems.   A DFMCH appointment is also required, although exceptional circumstances may be considered.  Please contact DFMCH HR to initiate an appointment.

Anyone requesting DFMCH computer system access must complete:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training which corresponds to DFMCH role
  • Safety and Infection Control Training (for employees with direct patient care or human subject contact)
  • Computer System Access Request form

Additional documentation depending on DFMCH role:

  • Criminal and caregiver background checks
  • TB skin test within previous 12 months
  • Verification of licensure, if required by law, regulation or UW Health policy
  • UW Health requests additional documentation from research staff prior to authorizing access to systems containing patient data. This information is necessary so UW Health can document the intended use of electronic Protected Health Information by research staff, and assure such use is consistent with UW Health and UW-Madison regulations. During the audit trail review process, UW Health and SMPH may also use the documentation to help determine whether research staff are using data only for tasks that are consistent with institutional review board (IRB)-approved protocols. Submit the following information to DFMCH HR:
    • A brief overview of the IRB-approved research project(s) in which you are involved, especially including your typical subject identification or recruitment methodology.
    • Your role in this research
    • A specific description of how you will utilize Health Link or other UW Health systems in the context of this research. This description should address the specific Health Link functions you are requesting via the authorization form. For example, if you request access to clinic schedules, please describe how you will use the schedules in the context of your research.
    • Your clinical credentials (e.g., RN, LPN, etc.), if applicable.

Supplemental documentation could be requested from UW Health IS depending on specific access requests, such as remote access for non-providers.

Internet access is needed to complete the HIPAA and Safety and Infection Control trainings. Anyone may schedule a time to complete these trainings at the DFMCH HR training kiosk in Alumni Hall.  If you have any questions regarding the training process please ask an HR Representative to assist you at or 608-265-8166. We ask that these trainings are completed several weeks prior to needing computer access to allow time for processing the computer system access request.

When all training is completed, send the certificates and other completed forms to DFMCH HR.  HR will notify the School of Medicine and Public Health dean’s office that training was completed.  SMPH will conduct background check(s) if needed.  Background check results may take several weeks for people who have lived outside Wisconsin.  After background checks have been completed, SMPH will inform UW Health IS that the person has been compliance certified.  At this point UW Health IS will start computer access set up.


If you are interested in obtaining or revising computer systems access, please contact DFMCH HR at or (608) 265-8166.

Complete instructions are on the DFMCH Intranet at

Computer Systems Access Eligibility Chart


In order to obtain or revise computer systems access, the employee is required to be compliance certified before computer systems access is granted.  Requirements to become compliance certified are listed below:

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Training
  • Safety and Infection Control Training*
  • TB Skin Test*
  • Caregiver Background Check* or Criminal Background Check
  • Justification for Health Link access**
  • Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) Form

* Required for employees with direct patient care or research subject contact

**Required for researchers/non-clinical employees requesting Health Link access

CSAR form

Please submit your Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) form to DFMCH HR.