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OMT for the Allopathic Physician

Practice Log Template

Module 1:

Module 2: 

**The audio files are not embedded, but supply an important narrative element to the associated PDF presentation. Start with the 'Lecture Portion' audio file, followed by the cases, as you work through the PDF. 

  • Module 2-- Lumbar Spine
  • Lumbar OMT Lecture Portion
  • Lumbar OMT Case 1
  • Lumbar OMT Case 2
  • Readings:
    • FOM Ch 546 – Lumbar Region (pp546-559, starting at descriptive functional anatomy and stopping at integrated physical exam; pp561-564, starting at palpation of tissue texture changes and stopping at specific tests; pp572-574, starting at osteopathic manipulative approach to clinical conditions through end of chapter)

    • BMMS Ch 5 Lumbar Spine (pp57-66) 

Module 3:

  • Module 3 -- OMT for the Lower Extremity (Download ppt and click Enable Editing for full access to audio and video)
  • Readings:
    • FOM Ch 42 -- Lower Extremities (pp605-614: starting at Hip. ending at Ankle Sprains)
    • BMMS Ch 3 -- Long Restrictors, Piriformis and Psoas Muscles (pp30-38)
    • Counterstrain Atlas -- hamstring points (MH and LH) (pp78-79) & Gasrocnemius and soleus points (EXA) (p81)
  • Lab Outline

Module 4:

Module 5:


Review Checklist for Modules 1-5


Module 6:


Module 7:

  • Module 7 -- Cervical Spine
  • Readings
    • FOM Ch 38 Cervical Region (pp513-522, stopping at diagnostic modalities)
    • BMMS Ch 9 Cervical Spine (pp162-188)


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