Research Program

Lawrence Hanrahan, MS, PhD - Research Director

Responsible for overall coordination and management of Research activities including:

  • Grant and research project planning including: question identification, methodology, analysis
  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Grant Review
  • Manuscript Review
  • Research Budget
  • Staffing needs
  • Initial statistical analysis requests

Jodi Rodefeld - Grant Manager

Responsible for management of DFM grants and contracts including:

  • Assist faculty in developing & submitting grant applications, contract proposals, progress and final reports
  • Coordinate electronic submissions (WISPER, CAYUSE, GRANTS.GOV, FASTLANE)
  • Award Set-up/Closeout tasks through RSP
  • Monitor grant & contract budgets; keep faculty and appropriate staff apprised of status
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and university regulations regarding conduct of research
  • Coordination of Effort Certification

Additional Research Support Services

Statistical data analysts

IRB Review/Submission

Recent Research Announcement

  1. Fam Med 701: Perspectives in Multidisciplinary Clinical and Translational Research

    Course Director:
    David Rabago, MD – Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health

    Course Description:
    Translational medical research facilitates the movement of findings from basic science to practical applications that enhance human health and well-being. Read more... »