DFM Open Chart & Past Due Report FAQ

What is Open Chart Report?

The open chart report is generated and distributed based on the Department of Family Medicine Past Due Charts Policy, in compliance with the University of Wisconsin Health Ambulatory Care Guidelines. The overarching goal of the report is to improve the quality of care as well as accelerate the payment collection process.

When is the 14+Days Open Chart Report implemented?

Beginning in January 2014, DFM is implementing the penalty for Open Charts’ 14+ Days, consistent with the Past Due Chart Policy. On Tuesday, January 7, you will receive an Open Chart Report showing open charts that have been open for 14 or more days – please note that no penalties will be implemented based on information from this first new report. However, beginning with the Tuesday, January 14 Report, both the number of open charts and the associated penalties for these 14+ days open charts will be reported and implemented.

How often is the report distributed?

Data used for running DFM’s open chart report is based on the weekly “InBasket” report. The weekly InBasket report is generated by UWMF’s reporting team on every Tuesday. Then, the report is e-mailed to clinic managers and medical directors.

Moreover, after receiving the weekly InBasket report, the DFM data team loads overdue records into a centralized database, create summary statistics, and distribute clinic-level analytical reports to clinic managers/medical director on a weekly basis. Providers with one or more overdue records will also receive individual summary reports via e-mail by the end of each month.

Providers who do not have any overdue record in that month will not receive individual summary reports.

Why have I not seen my open chart report in this month?

The open chart report is distributed to individuals with at least one overdue record in that month. Providers without any overdue record will not receive their open chart report for that month. 

Where can I get information about all of my current and past penalty data?

Every week, your clinic manager receives a clinic-level summary report that contains all of the current and previous penalty records of the providers at the clinic.  Please contact your clinic manager for more detailed information.

What is the penalty?

The fine or penalty fee for each overdue record is $10 dollars. The payment will be applied every 6 months to your UWMF paycheck per the DFM Past Due Charts Policy. The paychecks affected will be the July (January-June) and the January (July-December).

Residents, floats, and providers with less than 2% will also receive open chart reports, but do not receive fines for overdue records. Nonetheless, it is just as important that they close their charts in a timely manner for good patient care. The overdue record statistics may serve as part of the performance evaluation.

Do I receive fines if they are due to resident overdue charts?

In light of the current issues with figuring out how to track when resident's notes are responsible for faculty penalties, we are going to hold off on fines to faculty if they are due to resident charts. Please have the faculty physician let the managers and medical directors know if this causes them to have a fine.  For the managers and medical director- please make sure to monitor the resident charts to make sure they are being completed in a timely fashion.

Currently know issues with InBasket messages

When very old InBasket messages are closed the status of the message in Clarity is not being updated. UWMF reporting team has reported this issue to Epic, but they currently do not have an ETA for a fix. This is not something that the reporting team can clean up since the data in Health Link is correct, it is just not reflected in the Clarity database. When this problem is corrected we will be cleaning up the messages in Clarity and you will stop seeing them on your report.

More questions?

If you have questions about the Open Chart Report, please direct your questions as follows:

  • For report content questions, please submit a help desk ticket via atgheat@uwhealth.org with Subject: Open Chart Report – Content Question, directed to the ITS DABI Reporting team.
  • For physician compensation-related questions, please content Michelle Riley via phone at (608) 263-4015 or by e-mail: michelle.riley@fammed.wisc.edu