DFM Announcements

  1. Another Successful Procedures Fair

    Everyone in the Department needs to stand up and take a bow! Last evening's Annual Procedures Fair for Medical Students was an outstanding success. Here are just a few of the students' written comments:

    "Wicked, awesome!"
    "We need more of this"
    "It was nice to have so many instructors so they could work with us in pairs"
    "Good 1:1 doctor exposure"
    "Great to have enough doctors to watch pairs of students"
    "Above and beyond my expectations"
    "Instructors were FANTASTIC!" Read more... »

  2. Kudos - February 2009

    John Beasley, MD was named the MEDiC December 2008 Volunteer of the Month for his commitment to care, volunteerism and teaching of medical students.

    Lee Dresang, MD has been named Chair of the ALSO Advisory Board.

    Congratulations to the following faculty members recently promoted: Read more... »

  3. Update on Budget, OMSE, Admin Team...

    I find it hard to know what to include in this brief section. Many things are "going on" in the department but too much reporting is boring. Soon, however we will have our internal web site ready to launch. Jim Witkins and the IT team have done a fabulous job, short staffed, to prepare this. It will allow us to post all our minutes from leadership meetings. Then, if you care to look, anyone in the department can view the leadership's deliberations and decisions. Read more... »

  4. Tour the New InsideDFM Web Site

    Site Navigation

    Welcome to the new InsideDFM site. It is divided into familiar mission areas:

    What's New

    1. We've created a new section called "Communications" which includes tools for communicating to both internal and external audiences.

    2. We've made it easier to find Documents by allowing them to sort to multiple locations on the site, depending on appropriate tags/keywords associated with a document.

    Ways to find a document:

    3. You can Log In, using your DFM username and password, to update your DFM profile, leave comments on announcement posts, and access protected files/areas of the site.

    About the Site

    InsideDFM is a publicly accessible employee resource. Some features and documents will require a DFM password in order to view. Read more... »

  5. What is Social Networking?

    What's the big deal about Social Networking? (Facebook, Linkedin)

    Social networking is a way to communicate and share information with friends, family, and colleagues. For a simple overview watch this short video. Read more... »

  6. What is Twitter?

    If you're wondering "What is Twitter?", here's a short video to give you the basics.

    It's really just another way to communicate between a network of people. Marketers and businesses are starting to find innovative ways to use it to promote their services or share ideas. Read more... »

  7. One Year Later

    I have now been in the Department one year. And yes, it is still a pleasure to be here! During this year I have found my way around the department, the hospitals and the state and started a practice at Belleville. It has been a year filled with learning and highlights - some of which include:

    • new offices at Wausau and Sun Prairie,
    • residency program accreditations at Fox Valley and Baraboo,
    • new hires including Kim Jansen my right arm, and David Deci, MD our coming Predoctoral Program Director
    • and the resolution of the "Fox Valley GME issue".
  8. DFM Web site update 2009

    Public Site

    1. Winter Newsletter published - see home page or here:

      Andrea Schmick (Freelance writer) and I are operating with the understanding this process is working and we will continue to fund her work.

    2. Using Google Calendars on our site.

      Thanks to Chester Small for helping to train content administrators. If you have an event to add you can contact one of these people based on their content area:

      HR - Mary Stone

  9. AAMC Meeting in San Antonio: Care for a Community

    I recently attended the AAMC meeting in San Antonio. The theme was communities. I’ll share with you three reflections:

    1. From the podium during a plenary the difference in reimbursement for primary care relative to specialty care was again lamented. It remains to be seen however whether this discrepancy will change. Our departmental support has all been local, from UWMF. Nonetheless, these comments mirror an increasingly public recognition of the importance of primary care.

  10. Getting to Know the Department

    Colleagues – I have now been part of the UW DFM for 4 months and thought it would be appropriate to give you an update of my work.

    As most of you know I have largely spent my time getting to know the parts of this diverse and impressive department. I have traveled across the state – Wausau twice, Eau Claire once, Appleton three times and Milwaukee twice. I hit several storms and re-learned driving in snow! I have visited every office around Dane county at least once (except for Cross Plains with whom my schedule keeps conflicting). I continue to be impressed with the expertise, warmth, and commitment to excellence I have witnessed. Read more... »