Announcements: DFM ReCHARGED

  1. “Charged Up” Strategic Planning Brief 5/26/17

    “Charged Up” Strategic Planning Brief, May 26, 2017

    Staff Performance Development - Engage, support and empower people to constantly learn and develop their skills based upon a robust and respectful feedback environment


    On April 26th, the Executive Team voted to close the Staff Performance Development task force. The task force set out to accomplish the following core goals: Read more... »

  2. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief 4/28/17

    “Charged Up” Strategic Planning Brief, April 28, 2017

    Wellness and Resiliency -Implement departmental and site-specific wellness and resilience activities in conjunction with UW and UW Health to support a healthy and resilient workforce.

    Update:  Read more... »

  3. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief 3/13/17

    “Charged Up” Strategic Planning Brief, March 13, 2017

    Research - Reconfigure research infrastructure to expand participation across the department, identify new funding sources, and link more closely to clinical care and education.

    Update:  Read more... »

  4. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief 2/22/17

    Task Force: Wellness and Resiliency


    The wellness and resiliency implementation team has chosen the members of the FamWELL board and will have its first meeting in April. FamWELL Board Members:

    1.       Alison Miller: Faculty Physician at Yahara

    2.       Ann Schensky: Program Specialist/Office of Community Health

    3.       James Bigham: Faculty Physician at Odana Read more... »

  5. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief

    Task Force: Wellness and Resiliency

    Update:  The wellness and resiliency implementation team is recruiting for:

    1)      FamWELL, a 10-member board that will support and guide site-based wellness champions. Julia Yates and Beth Potter, MD, are leading the selection process.

    2)      Wellness champions from all 21 DFMCH locations. The time commitment is 1 to 4 hours per month and should begin in January 2017. Read more... »

  6. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief

    Task Force: Research

    Update: The goal of the DFMCH research task force is to establish a framework to best allow our department to perform innovative, cutting-edge primary care research that improves education, patient care and community health.

    To better tie our research to the education we deliver, the research task force and Madison residency faculty and staff are developing a research pathway for second- and third-year residents to start in July 2017.

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  7. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief

    To communicate the DFMCH ReCHARGED strategic planning process, we are introducing the “Charged Up” brief with implementation updates.

    Background: As you remember, each task force developed a proposal that described their issue, reviewed best practices and advocated for a particular strategy or strategies for DFMCH. As implementation moves forward, we will be requesting updates from the implementation teams and sharing them with you. Read more... »

  8. Seeking Nominations for DFMCH Strategic Process Oversight Committee (SPOC) Members


    In 2014, the DFMCH began a strategic planning process with the support of the Executive Team. A 10 person steering group composed of members of the DFMCH was formed. This group helped guide the initial phase of the strategic planning process from the fall of 2014 to the present. They implemented a department-wide survey in January 2015 to determine what should be the next steps for the DFMCH.   In 2015, the Steering Group helped organize three Blue Sky Conferences to think about the possibilities for the DFMCH. Read more... »

  9. Vision Conference Task Forces and Members Update

    Based on the results of the Vision Conference, the DFMCH ReCHARGED Steering Group has established four additional task forces to research best practices and problem-solve around our four mission areas.

    We are happy to announce the following Task Forces and members:

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  10. DFMCH ReCHARGED Strategic Planning Update - Task Force Members Wanted!

    The ReCHARGED Steering Group is seeking nominations of clinic staff and/or managers who are interested in participating in the Clinical Care Task Force for strategic planning. This task force will be researching best practices and developing a proposal around the vision statements from the Vision Conference. Read more... »