Announcements: 2020

  1. Breaking the Bias Habit: A Workshop to Promote Racial Equity in Clinical and Work Settings

    The DFMCH 2020 Initiative and WISELI (Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute) wish to offer you a new workshop dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusion (see attached flier).  This workshop was designed by the WISELI team specifically at the request of the 2020 Initiative.  Before we open this unique workshop up to the greater UW School of Medicine and Public Health community, we wish to first invite all members of the DFMCH. Read more... »

  2. 2015 Racial Justice Summit

    From a Moment to a Movement: Building the Beloved Community October 1-2 at the Concourse Hotel.

    Please consider registering at: Read more... »

  3. Diversity Committee Members Named

     I am delighted to share with you the members of the  Department of Family Medicine’s new Diversity Committee Read more... »

  4. Diversity Committee Update

    The Executive Team is selecting members to serve on the Diversity Committee.  We will soon be sharing the selected names  but without question we have an incredible list of eligible applicants. I hope all of them will serve on this committee at some time as we rotate members. I have also just been elected to the SMPH Diversity and Equity Committee and so will continue to advocate for our work at the medical school level and hope to see even greater cross-fertilization of ideas and projects across the school. Read more... »

  5. Soaring for Change - Update On the 2020 Initiative

    Over 50 members from across the department joined us for a brainstorming session on December 11, 2014. We concluded by folding paper cranes as a personal and collective act toward a more intentional commitment to diversity, inclusion and health equity. Please see them all mounted on the 2nd floor of Alumni Hall welcoming people into the residency hallway.

    We are very excited to report that with the support of the Executive Team we will be embarking upon Phase 2 that we are calling the “Action Phase” built around these concepts:

    Training; Recruiting; Unlearning and learning; Sustaining and retaining; and Tracking (TRUST).

    Read more... »

  6. 2020 Diversity Initiative - December 11 Event

    We are excited to be arranging the final 2020 Initiative session of this calendar year. 

    Date/Time: December 11th 5:30-7:30pm

    Location: AOB Room 114/116 (Administrative Office Building, 7974 UW Health Court, Middleton).

    My thanks to those of you who have already RSVP’d for this event but, as we are providing a light meal, please register and mark your food choices here by Wednesday, 11/26/14.  This will also serve as your RSVP if you haven’t contacted me yet. Read more... »