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    Yes!!!!, And……


    I recently returned from the Third International Medical Improv Train-the-Trainer Workshop and am excited about the potential applications. You may be understandingly skeptical about how improv relates to medicine-I certainly was when I first came across the workshop. But after attending, I feel there are a multitude of applications for medical improv and give you my Top Five. Read more... »

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    What Great Basketball Coaches Can Teach Us About Doctoring

    Tournament Time! The time of year that brings friends, family, and colleagues together to cheer and commiserate over brackets and games. When it comes to the final two weekends, it is often the same teams year after year. What can the coaches of great teams teach us about doctoring?

    Preparation and Fundamentals (John Wooden, UCLA) Read more... »

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    This article is worth a read from Academic Medicine-"Teaching While Learning While Practicing"--overview of teaching in evolving PCMHs. Read more... »