"Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief 3/13/17

“Charged Up” Strategic Planning Brief, March 13, 2017

Research - Reconfigure research infrastructure to expand participation across the department, identify new funding sources, and link more closely to clinical care and education.


  • The research pathway for second- and third-year residents will be offered starting July 2017.
  • An overview of faculty research has been drafted for the DFMCH website and is currently in review, with a goal of posting by July 2017.
  • The research task force has completed its survey of staff skills for core staffing planning. Analysis is underway.
  • Two research faculty have developed short talks on their research for presentation at multiple DFMCH venues. Each month throughout the year, two more faculty will develop similar talks, with the goal of having a library of talks for all research faculty.

Residency Education - Increase the number of Family Medicine residents statewide and catalyze residency curriculum innovation to enhance skills in leadership, advocacy, population and community health, communication, interprofessional practice, and meaningful engagement with patients and families.


  • Pending a successful Match on March 17, the Madison residency program will expand by two residents, who will participate in a rural health equity track at the Belleville clinic.
  • The May Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) meeting will focus on two enhancements to the residency curriculum: advocacy/leadership and supporting diversity in the workforce.

For More Information

For complete information on the strategic planning process, visit the DFMCH ReCHARGED website.

Below are the six DFMCH strategic planning task forces, their executive sponsors and their implementation chairs.

Task Force

Executive Sponsor

Implementation Chair

Performance Development

Linda Haskins

Mary Fendry

Wellness & Resiliency

Beth Potter, Linda Haskins

Julia Yates

Residency Education

Bill Schwab

Kathy Oriel (expansion)
Michelle Grosch (curriculum)


Larry Hanrahan

Regina Vidaver

Team-Based Care (Scribes)

Sandy Kamnetz

John Hawkins

Clinical Care (APP Role)

Kirsten Rindfleisch

Sara Redemann


DFMCH ReCHARGED is an ongoing process of engagement and continuous improvement. Thanks to everyone who has attended conferences or events, or who has participated in task forces, steering groups, interview and focus groups. There will many more opportunities to get involved, and we are all look forward to making our vision a reality!

DFMCH Executive Team
Val Gilchrist, Larry Hanrahan, Linda Haskins, Sandy Kamnetz, Kirsten Rindfleisch, Bill Schwab