Focus on Advocacy

                        Focus on Advocacy 

There is no lack of advocacy opportunities for health care professionals. Cindy Haq, MD shared this six-step guideline adapted from the Indivisible Toolkit.

1.     Identify an issue of concern.  Is this worth fighting for?  If yes, commit to action!

2.     Decide your ask, make it relevant.

3.     Define your target: who will you ask, who will take the lead, in-person or written?

4.     Prepare talking points to stay on track.

a.     Establish your legitimacy

b.     Say what you stand for

c.      Focus on the issue

d.     Tell a story

e.     Ask for a response and/or time for decision, don’t settle for non-answers.

f.      Close the meeting with a summary and next steps or follow-up plan.

5.     Send follow-up thank you note, summarize key points.

6.     Hang in there!  Be persistent.  Don’t give up until the situation is resolved and/or you have exhausted all possibilities. 

As advocacy often crosses into political areas-here is the UW Guidance on Political Campaign Activities.

Here are some upcoming advocacy related events:

Wisconsin Environmental Health Network/PSR Making the Connection Conference Feb 17th-18th

WMS Doctor Day is March 29th

Family Medicine Advocacy Summit May 22nd-23rd

Worth a Read:

Atul Gawande’s: The Heroism of Incremental Care

Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration — Detrimental Effects on Medical Training and Health Care

Health Affairs article/blogposts on ObamaCare to TrumpCare

David Kindig Population Health Equity: Rate and Burden, Race and Class


Upcoming Meetings

April 4th-5th 2017 Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit

April 9-11th  I-PrATISE

IHI 2017 Meetings

May 5-9th STFM Annual Conference

May 17th: UW DFMCH Faculty Development Day/ McGovern Tracy Award Evening

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“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” 
― Flannery O'Connor