2016: Year in Review

January 2017 Faculty Development Digest: 2016 Year in Review

Articles with the most “chatter”—from healthcare reform to medical errors, Zika, healthcare disparities and wearables—this list will help you pass the long winter evenings ahead--here are the top 100 articles in research journals for 2016.



25 Podcasts every family physician should listen to by Marselle Brendeyer is worth a listen.

One personal favorite is How many doctors does it take to start a healthcare revolution?, featuring  Dr Jeffery Brenner of Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers.

“BRENNER: As the baby boomers are aging and people in their 40’s are caring for their parents and watching what the system does to them, I think there’s going to be a growing anger, you know, as the copays, and deductibles, and employee contributions get higher and higher. I think the goodwill underpinning the system is going to begin to break down. You know, there comes a point in a system in America where it no longer serves any of the purposes that it was originally set up to serve. And America does disrupt things. You know, I don’t see a lot of horse and buggy manufacturers. I don’t see the steel industry here, right? No one saved Blockbuster. I mean, there will come a point when sooner or later we’re going to let this thing go.”


Here is a great list of healthcare related blogs.

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