Seeking Nominations for DFMCH Strategic Process Oversight Committee (SPOC) Members


In 2014, the DFMCH began a strategic planning process with the support of the Executive Team. A 10 person steering group composed of members of the DFMCH was formed. This group helped guide the initial phase of the strategic planning process from the fall of 2014 to the present. They implemented a department-wide survey in January 2015 to determine what should be the next steps for the DFMCH.   In 2015, the Steering Group helped organize three Blue Sky Conferences to think about the possibilities for the DFMCH.

In the spring of 2015, they planned an Opportunities Conference to look at what were some areas holding the department back from moving forward. Three task forces developed out of this conference: Wellness and Resiliency, Performance Development and Team-Based Care. In the fall of 2015, a Vision Conference was held to focus on the future direction for the DFMCH. Four task forces were developed from this conference: Research, Clinical Care, Residency Education, and Medical Student and Interprofessional Education.   Each of these task forces has worked on a proposal and is in the process of presenting these proposals to the Steering Group and Executive Team in the DFMCH.

The next phase of strategic planning will involve the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC). This committee will oversee the implementation of the approved task force proposals. They will be responsible for communicating the work of these proposals to DFMCH. They will also oversee completion of initiatives and may convene conferences and task forces in the future.

We are asking for your help in identifying staff and faculty from across DFMCH mission areas and locations to serve on SPOC for a three-year term. Please review the responsibilities below and send your nominations of colleagues or self-nominations to Kim Jansen by Friday, May 13th.

Thank you for your continued engagement and participation in this process and transformation!

Beth Potter and Robin Lankton

SPOC responsibilities

  • Develop processes for monitoring the implementation of the strategic planning task force proposals
  • Monitor implementation of strategic planning proposals
  • Update work plans and tracking documents (for example, quarterly dashboard)
  • Communicate with department and stakeholders (UW Health) about the progress
  • Report progress regularly to DFMCH Executive Team and Leadership Council
  • Work with Exec Team when questions arise in the implementation process
  • Evaluate the strategic planning process (e.g., annual survey or periodic focus groups)
  • Convene future conferences (for example, Opportunities Conference) and task forces if needed
  • Oversee closure when task forces proposals are completed

Members (faculty or staff for all positions)

  • 2 current Steering Group members
  • 3 current Task Force members
  • 3 new members who are faculty or staff connected to DFMCH or family medicine clinics
  • 1 member of the Executive Team
  • 1 coordinator/administrative support person

Expectations for SPOC:

  • 1 day training session with the Robin Lankton and Beth Potter in summer 2016
  • Meetings: Monthly (10x per year), 2-3 hours each
  • Term limits: 2-3 years (1/3 of committee turns over each year), Executive Team member will serve a 1 year term