Days of Service: DFMCH Volunteers Clear Section of Ice Age Trail

Ice Age Trail Service Days

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, a small group from the DFMCH volunteered to help clear a section of the Ice Age Trail off of Highway PB in Verona. They worked with Dave Lonsdorf, a former DFMCH faculty member from Wingra Clinic, to clear invasive trees – buckthorns – from the trail and burn seven large piles of brush.  

The group also learned about the history of the Ice Age Trail, the edge of where the glacier stopped in Wisconsin. It stretches 1,000 miles from Door County down to Janesville and back up to the Minnesota border. Volunteers have helped to convert 600 miles of this trail one section at a time into a hiking trail.  

Thanks to Doug Smith, Val Gilchrist, Wen Jan Tuan and Beth Potter for participating in this project. For more information about Days of Service, please visit