DFMCH ReCHARGED Strategic Planning Update - Task Force Members Wanted!

The ReCHARGED Steering Group is seeking nominations of clinic staff and/or managers who are interested in participating in the Clinical Care Task Force for strategic planning. This task force will be researching best practices and developing a proposal around the vision statements from the Vision Conference.

The Task Force will meet regularly over 6 months to understand current practices, talk with DFMCH, UW Health and external stakeholder and develop a proposal. Staff from community, residency and regional clinics are welcome to apply. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, send their name, work location, position and a sentence or two about why you are submitting the nomination to Kim Jansen kim.jansen@fammed.wisc.edu by Wednesday, November 4th. If you are submitting a self-nomination, talk with your supervisor first to ensure that there would be appropriate coverage and availability for you to participate.

We look forward to hearing from you!

DFMCH ReCHARGED Steering Group

Bill Cayley, Jennifer Edgoose, Valerie Gilchrist, Michelle Grosch, Catherine James, Will Katz, Ken Kushner, Kirsten Rindfleisch, Lou Sanner, Melissa Stiles

Robin Lankton and Beth Potter (Co-Facilitators)

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