Family Medicine Prairies

       Family Medicine Prairies

One of the highlights of my drive to work is going past Prairie Moraine Park. This happens to house (IMHO) the best dog park in the world and I have enjoyed many hours exploring the park over the years with my four-legged friends. I never tire of watching the park transform itself after “the burn” in the spring. Family medicine is once again transforming to address the healthcare needs of our country in the context of a shifting healthcare landscape.  How our family medicine prairie of the future will look has yet to be defined and there are many opportunities to be involved in the regeneration. Here are a number of national and local initiatives that are “prairie-esque.”

The fourth G. Gayle Stephens Keystone Conference Series was held June 5-7, 2015. John Frey, MD, Jennifer Edgoose, MD, and Aaron Dunn, MD attended from Wisconsin. The conference focused on the question: "What promises will a personal physician make to her/his patients going forward in the evolving health care system of the United States, particularly in terms of when and where they will be there for their patients?"  Take a few minutes to check out the proceedings!

Health Is Primaryis a three-year communications campaign to advocate for the values of family medicine, demonstrate the benefits of primary care, and engage patients in our health care system.

In an earlier blog I featured Beyond Flexner 2015, whose mission is to bring national attention to medical schools with strong social mission agendas, create a forum for collaboration and shared innovations among socially accountable medical schools, and legitimize the important role of medical education in addressing the nation’s health inequities.The videos of the proceedings can be found here.

The Lown Institute’s Right Care Alliance is a “network of clinicians, patients, and community leaders who work together to reduce overuse, underuse, and misuse of medical tests and treatments in the health care delivery system, and to restore the clinician-patient relationship.” They are sponsoring a RightCare Action Week, October 18-24th. Consider joining the alliance and participating in an event that week. Contact me for more information.

Locally, Beth Potter, MD and Robin Lankton, MPH, CHES, have been masterfully steering the UW DFMCH strategic planning initiative. Check out the ReCHARGED page!  We welcome your input and suggestions!

“To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee,

And revery.

The revery alone will do,

If bees are few.” 

Emily Dickensen


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Upcoming Conferences

Oct 9-11    Family Medicine Midwest

Oct 14-16  WREN Convocation

Oct 23       DFMCH Whole Me Whole We Workshop

Nov 4/5     UW Primary Care Conference

Nov 11      Opioids in the Management of Non-malignant Pain

Dec 3-5    Conference on Practice Improvement


Happy Fall!