Visioning Our Future

Last Thursday, 73 staff and faculty from 17 locations gathered at a Vision Conference to imagine the possibilities for the future of DFMCH. During this session, we worked in small and large groups to develop Vision Statements around our mission areas:

After developing vision statements, small groups used a design called Six Thinking Hats to strategizehow to implement the identified vision. This was a very energizing day that brought various ideas and perspectives together. Visit the DFMCH ReCHARGED website to review articles around the mission topics, evaluation summaries from the Vision Conference and the list of attendees. Talk to someone who attended from your site to find out more!

Based on the work at the Vision Conference, the Steering Group met yesterday to identify task forces and members. Potential task force members will be contacted this week and next. The task forces will be given all of the material from the Vision Conference for their mission area as they develop a proposal for DFMCH.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Vision Conference as well as everyone who kept things running at our clinical and administrative sites to support participation!

DFMCH ReCHARGED Steering Group

Bill Cayley, Jennifer Edgoose, Valerie Gilchrist, Michelle Grosch, Catherine James, Will Katz, Ken Kushner, Kirsten Rindfleisch, Lou Sanner, Melissa Stiles

Robin Lankton and Beth Potter (Co-Facilitators)

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