Task Force Updates

Wellness Task Force Update

May the force be with you! In this case, Yoda is talking about wellness and resilience. Once the story telling and laughter simmered just a bit, the members of the wellness and resilience task force got down to business.  We've met as a group twice so far, and in this time, we've accomplished a lot.  Two task force members took on researching what our own institution is doing and what other institutions are doing in terms of building wellness and resilience for their employees. We wanted evidence about what works, who is doing what works, and who is doing it really well. Two other members took to planning what we've dubbed the wellness and resilience road show: this interactive discussion on what folks want and need to feel healthier at work is coming soon to a clinic near you. Finally, hot off the presses of our last meeting, we are putting together a concept sheet of the evidence based research we've come across thus far, and we hope to start some institutional interviews in the next month...Let's talk wellness and resilience from all around our department of family medicine and community health world.

Wellness Task Force

  • Julia Yates (Chair of Task Force), Behavioral Health at Verona
  • Adrienne Hampton, Physician at Northeast
  • Nicole Smithback, Clinic Manager at Fitchburg and Oregon
  • Elizabeth Perry, Physician at Fitchburg
  • Amy Vincent, Educational Services at Alumni Hall (admin support)
  • Michelle Grosch, Director of Education at Alumni Hall (Steering Group liaison)

Performance Development Task Force Update

The Performance Development Task Force met four times since our training on July 23rd. We officially named our task force "Performance Development" have six members (up from our original four!).

The scope of our task force will be to focus on the following: The process of fostering individual's personal and professional growth in order to provide increased opportunities and added value to the Department.  Individuals receive coaching and feedback, and are evaluated relative to the level in which they have contributed to the Department and achieved agreed upon goals.

We reviewed the performance management "blocks" and "ideals" that were brainstormed during the Opportunities Conference on June 3rd. The task force is now interviewing DFMCH staff to gather performance management and professional development data.  DFMCH Research Staff provided consultation to help us determine the number of staff to interview. The results will be reviewed to determine if there are themes that are specific to certain groups, such as UW or UWMF employer, employee classification, or possibly supervisor/non-supervisor.  We hope to use the results to clarify the current performance development issues.

We will keep you updated on our progress!

Performance Development Task Force

  • Mary Fendry Director of Human Resources at Alumni Hall (Chair of Task Force)
  • Shari Barlow, Research Program Manager at Alumni Hall
  • Amy Grelle, Physician at Cross Plains
  • Shereen Vakili, Radiology Technologist at Wingra
  • Michelle McCrumb, Human Resources Assistant at Alumni Hall (admin support)
  • Will Katz, Clinic Manager at Odana Atrium (Steering Group liaison)