Fam Med 701: Perspectives in Multidisciplinary Clinical and Translational Research

Course Director:
David Rabago, MD – Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health

Course Description:
Translational medical research facilitates the movement of findings from basic science to practical applications that enhance human health and well-being.

This graduate level course introduces students to scientific methods used for clinical translational research. The course will stress the importance of multidisciplinary approaches to solving clinical questions and will incorporate examples of research discoveries that were advanced through multidisciplinary collaborations. It will provide a perspective to help prepare students for more advanced research courses.

“Translational research” is sometimes described as an appreciation of the downstream utility of biomedical research, regardless of specific methodology, that emphasizes collaboration with colleagues at other points on the spectrum. Accordingly, this survey course will explore a variety of research methods on the translational spectrum, including observational, experimental and quasi experimental designs; efficacy and effectiveness research; behavioral and community interventions; qualitative methods; quality assurance; health economics; pharmacotherapy trials, and health disparities research. A guiding principle of the course is the appreciation of methodological goals at all points on the translational spectrum and the necessity of a team approach in contemporary medical research.

The course will meet once per week for 2 hours. The format is primarily lecture-discussion; individual sessions will focus on a specific research area or methodology.  The lectures will be given by the course director and/or guest faculty members. Students will be expected to read articles posted on Learn@UW (https://learnuw.wisc.edu/) and prepare a weekly review paragraph integrating the reading and lecture content.

Credits: 2

Prerequisites: Health Sciences Degree and Introductory Statistics Course

Fall 2015 schedule:
M 4-6 p.m., HSLC 1224, Sept. 14-Dec. 7

For more information, contact supriya.hayer@fammed.wisc.edu or 608-262-9791.