DFMCH ReCHARGED Strategic Planning Update - Task Forces Are Underway

The Team-Based Care, Wellness and Resiliency, and Performance Development task forces are off and running. Task force members were trained by Mercedes Alonso from the Napier Group on July 23rd. The training included understanding leadership styles, an overview of the proposal that each task force will create and a problem-solving strategy called Six Hats Thinking (part 1, part 2). Copies of these materials and other resources are available on the DFMCH ReCHARGED website.

The task forces are meeting weekly to work on their proposals. Each task force will produce a 5-10 page proposal that includes the following:

  1. Description of the Issue: What is the problem and what are the reported causes of the problem? Identify existing policies currently used/in place within DFMCH/UW- Madison/UW Health regarding this issue.
  2. Best & Current Practices:Identify what the research says are best/current practices regarding this issue and what other Departments of Family Medicine are doing to address the issue. Be very concrete & specific.
  3. Option:What alternative approach should DFMCH consider regarding the issue? Advocate for the new course the task force is proposing for the Department - and be sure to delineate the benefits to the people at DFMCH, as well as to the system at large.
  4. Financial Requirement:Identify the funding required to implement the suggested course, the Department's current and potential sources of these funds, and its most critical resource and funding gaps.
  5. Short & Long Term Plan:What is the Task Force's recommended road map to executing the proposed Option? Set short term goals/milestones of 6 to 12 months that provide evidence of success toward the long term plan.

The task forces will consult with the DFMCH Executive Team, internal stakeholders and external stakeholders as they create their proposals. You can expect to hear more on their progress. Thanks to all of our task force members for your commitment to DFMCH!


DFMCH ReCHARGED Steering Group

Bill Cayley, Jennifer Edgoose, Valerie Gilchrist, Michelle Grosch, Catherine James, Will Katz, Ken Kushner, Kirsten Rindfleisch, Lou Sanner, Melissa Stiles

Robin Lankton and Beth Potter (Co-Facilitators)