DFMCH ReCHARGED Opportunities Conference

On June 3rd, 37 staff and 28 faculty from 15 locations across DFM participated in an Opportunities Conference to problem solve around seven operational issues that can and must be addressed as they stand in the way of our efforts to create a more ideal future. Mercedes Alonso, consultant from the Napier Group, presented these as the pillars or supports for the strategic plan.

A list of nine operational issues was brought forward. These issues were identified in the DFM data gathering survey in February and March of this year, listening sessions in 2014 and interviews in 2013. The participants at the Opportunities Conference voted and prioritized the following seven issues:

  • Our current willingness to model, among ourselves, the wellness and resiliency that we support in our patients (128 votes)
  • Medicine is increasingly becoming team focused. Issue: Our current ability to operate as effective teams in a team based culture (103 votes)
  • Our current willingness and/or ability to recognize, appreciate and reward each other within DFM (74 votes)
  • The current level of respect we show each other in the workplace (74 votes)
  • Our current ability to influence UW Health, at a political level, in areas, i.e. Clinical Processes, which impact our quality of patient care (64 votes)
  • Our current ability to engage the members of DFM in solving problems and making decisions that influence our lives (36 votes)
  • Our current willingness/or ability to communicate in open and transparent ways across the Department (27 votes)

During the Opportunities Conference, small groups problem-solved around these seven areas and created proposals to address these issues. The DFMCH ReCHARGED Steering Group met on June 4th and is meeting again on June 25th to determine short term goals and long terms goals. The Steering Group will also decide which issues should have a task force and begin to identify possible task force leaders and members.

The designs, summary proposals, and evaluations from the Opportunities Conference are posted on the DFMCH ReCHARGED website.

Expect to receive ongoing updates on the next steps. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the process so far!

DFMCH ReCHARGED Steering Group

Bill Cayley, Jennifer Edgoose, Valerie Gilchrist, Michelle Grosch, Catherine James, Will Katz, Ken Kushner, Kirsten Rindfleisch, Lou Sanner, Melissa Stiles

Robin Lankton and Beth Potter (Co-Facilitators)