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Active learners are more engaged, perform better and are more apt to develop lifelong learning skills. This article makes the case for  "flipped classrooms" in medical education.

Components of a "Flipped Classroom" *:

Flexible Environment

Flipped Learning allows for a variety of learning modes; educators

often physically rearrange their learning spaces to accommodate a

lesson or unit, to support either group work or independent study.

They create flexible spaces in which students choose when and where

they learn. Furthermore, educators who flip their classes are flexible

in their expectations of student timelines for learning and in their

assessments of student learning.

Learning Culture

The Flipped Learning model deliberately shifts instruction to a learner-centered approach, where in-class time is dedicated to exploring topics in greater depth and creating rich learning opportunities. As a result, students are actively involved in knowledge construction as they participate in and evaluate their learning in a manner that is personally meaningful.

Intentional Content

Flipped Learning Educators continually think about how they can use the Flipped Learning model to help students develop conceptual understanding, as well as procedural fluency.


Professional Educator

The role of a Professional Educator is even more important, and often

more demanding, in a Flipped Classroom than in a traditional one. During

class time, they continually observe their students, providing them with

feedback relevant in the moment, and assessing their work. Professional

Educators are reflective in their practice, connect with each other to

improve their instruction, accept constructive criticism, and tolerate

controlled chaos in their classrooms.

*Citation: Flipped Learning Network (FLN). (2014) The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P™


Physician Vitality

Here is a great article on adding a fourth “Aim” for healthcare—taking care of the provider.


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