2020 Initiative

How can we, in the Department of Family Medicine, deal with the changing demographics in our communities and some of the worst disparities data in the nation?

Please mark your calendars for future meetings regarding the 2020 Initiative: An initiative to set the stage toward a more intentional approach embracing diversity, inclusion and health equity in the DFM. We started with the Race to Equity report presented on 8/6/14 at St. Mary’s Hospital and appreciate the efforts that many made to attend this session.  Further introduction to this series will be made during the State of the Department meeting on 10/1/14.  Although these lectures are geared mainly toward faculty, we welcome involvement from anyone in the DFM who feels passionately about these issues.  We hope this is only the beginning of a larger conversation and hope to include as many voices as possible along the way.

We invite you to future 2020 Initiative sessions on:

  • 10/22/14 Wednesday 7:30-9:00am: Faculty Development monthly meeting at the Bay Creek Conference Room (Wingra Clinic 1st floor). Videoconferencing available.
  • 12/11/14 Thursday 4:30-6:30pm: Bay Creek Conference Room (Wingra Clinic 1st floor). Light snacks will be provided. Videoconferencing available.

Our objectives are to:

  1. To increase awareness of diversity issues in our geographical community, patient populations, and Department
  2. To define a mission statement outlining our commitment toward health equity and diversity.
  3. To identify and prioritize potential interventions that can increase Department responsiveness to diversity issues
  4. To develop a strategy to engage in future topics of unconscious bias, racism and social change

The final session will be professionally facilitated so that we can begin to map out where we want to go as a department as we set our sights toward the future of our department and our community. 

Please RSVP terry.little@fammed.wisc.edu if you plan to join us at our last 12/11/14 session so we can make sure our venue, facilitators, and food accommodate everyone.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas.

Jennifer Edgoose