Symposium Highlights Diverse Fellowship Program

The Department of Family Medicine Fellowship program recently held its Fellowship Symposium as a culmination of fellow scholarly activities conducted over the past academic term.  The symposium included fellows from the Academic, Integrative Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research and Primary Care Research Fellowship programs.  Held on Friday, December 20, 2013, each fellow presented a summary of their work which provided an opportunity to observe a diverse range of interests and ongoing efforts related to the organization, delivery and efficacy of primary health care.  Presentations included topics related to mindfulness, medical education, diabetes, low back pain and opioid use, pediatric obesity, smoking cessation and complementary and alternative medicine practices. Specific titles included: 

  • Angela Black PhD - “The Road to Cultural Relevance and Mindfulness: Analyzing the Literature, Engaging MBSR Teachers, and Facilitating Content within Communities of Color”
  • Jensi Carlson MD - "Reflections on Becoming a Better Teacher"
  • Adrienne Hampton MD - "Mindful Awareness for VA Providers: Preliminary Adventures"
  • David Kiefer MD - “Plant-Pharmaceutical Interactions in the MIDUS Dataset”
  • Daniel Levinson MS - “A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Online Mindfulness Intervention"
  • Beth Magnan MD - “Multimorbidity and Diabetes Outcomes”
  • Tanya Schlam PhD - “Identifying Optimal Smoking Cessation Intervention Components to Help Smokers in Primary Care Settings Maintain Abstinence”
  • Samantha Sharp MD - "Anti-inflammatory Diet"
  • Rachel Sippy MS - "Infections among MEPARI Participants"
  • Maggie Wallace PharmD “Medication Use Patterns among Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain Taking Long-Term Opioids”
  • Bethany Weinert MD - "Native American Pediatric Metrics" 

We salute the fellows on their dedication and commitment to the scholarly mission of the Department.