Announcement Archive: February 2017

  1. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief 2/22/17

    Task Force: Wellness and Resiliency


    The wellness and resiliency implementation team has chosen the members of the FamWELL board and will have its first meeting in April. FamWELL Board Members:

    1.       Alison Miller: Faculty Physician at Yahara

    2.       Ann Schensky: Program Specialist/Office of Community Health

    3.       James Bigham: Faculty Physician at Odana Read more... »

  2. Focus on Advocacy

                            Focus on Advocacy 

    There is no lack of advocacy opportunities for health care professionals. Cindy Haq, MD shared this six-step guideline adapted from the Indivisible Toolkit.

    1.     Identify an issue of concern.  Is this worth fighting for?  If yes, commit to action! Read more... »