Announcement Archive: January 2017

  1. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief

    Task Force: Wellness and Resiliency

    Update:  The wellness and resiliency implementation team is recruiting for:

    1)      FamWELL, a 10-member board that will support and guide site-based wellness champions. Julia Yates and Beth Potter, MD, are leading the selection process.

    2)      Wellness champions from all 21 DFMCH locations. The time commitment is 1 to 4 hours per month and should begin in January 2017. Read more... »

  2. 2016: Year in Review

    January 2017 Faculty Development Digest: 2016 Year in Review

    Articles with the most “chatter”—from healthcare reform to medical errors, Zika, healthcare disparities and wearables—this list will help you pass the long winter evenings ahead--here are the top 100 articles in research journals for 2016.

    Podcasts Read more... »