Announcement Archive: November 2016

  1. Healthcare Reform: Falling Backward?

    Although healthcare reform was not a dominant issue in the presidential campaign, it is now front and center with significant changes or a full repeal of Obamacare looming. What is known about President-elect Trump’s healthcare proposal and how can we counsel patients who have questions about their coverage?

    President-elect Trump’s proposal draws significantly from House Speaker Ryan’s “A Better Way” plan.  

    The main tenets are: Read more... »

  2. "Charged Up" Strategic Planning Brief

    To communicate the DFMCH ReCHARGED strategic planning process, we are introducing the “Charged Up” brief with implementation updates.

    Background: As you remember, each task force developed a proposal that described their issue, reviewed best practices and advocated for a particular strategy or strategies for DFMCH. As implementation moves forward, we will be requesting updates from the implementation teams and sharing them with you. Read more... »