Elective Student Profile: Jennifer Hur

The Office of Student Medical Education (OMSE) and UW Department of Family Medicine (DFM) are pleased to introduce 4th Year Medical Student, Jennifer Hur. Having completed a Sub-I experience at St Mary's Hospital, Jennifer hopes to expand her Family Medicine skills at Verona Clinic 7/9 - 7/30/12.
Jennifer is a UWSMPH student with special interests in OB and underserved populations. "Primary care has always interested me because there is so much patient interaction and continuity! I love variety involved in managing a broad range of ages and conditions."
Jennifer's interest in medicine began with her "friendly family practitioner with a stethoscope" who always left her with, "a sticker on my shirt!" (Obviously a STICKER goes a long way!)
In that very precious "spare time" Jennifer enjoys an excuse to cook interesting culinary delights while surrounded by the genuine enthusiasm and laughter of friends. This may involve a heated board game, or a trek to the nearest tennis court.
Please welcome Jennifer Hur!