Call for Nominations for 2012 UW DFM Student Scholars Award Program

On behalf of the UW Department of Family Medicine, we invite you to take advantage of our streamlined process for nominating 1st  through 4th year Medical Students and 2nd and 3rd year Family Medicine Residents for the following awards: 

  • Compassion in Action (CIA) Award
  • CIA Community Health Leadership Award
  • CIA International Health Leadership Award
  • Robert F. and Irma K. Korbitz Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Lester Brillman Scholarship
  • Vogel Scholarship
  • Founders Award
  • McGovern-Tracy Scholars Award

To nominate someone, fill out and submit our simple Online Nomination Form.

For specific award selection criteria, please refer to http:/// The Awards Committee will review each nomination to verify its appropriate category.

Nomination does not constitute a letter of recommendation.  It is the nominee’s responsibility to recruit and submit:

  • The name of the person who will be writing the Letter of Recommendation (must be emailed directly to Cara Wolenec at by the letter writer)
  • Personal Statement (why student should be considered for the award in their own words)

All nominations must be received by January 13, 2012, to be eligible for consideration.

In addition, all supporting materials (Letter of Recommendation & Personal Statement) must be received by January 27, 2012, to be considered for an award.

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