Mobile Devices


Mobile devices have been used extensively in the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) over the past 10 years. Residents are encouraged to have them, and many faculty use them. They can be particularly useful for point of care medical resources, as well as personal information management.

The University of Wisconsin Ebling Library for the health sciences provides a subscription for the evidence-based point of care tool, Essential Evidence Plus. The University also provides a free subscription to Micromedex.

Recommendations (updated April 2015)

Model Version
iPhone 6.0 and above
iTouch 6.0 and above
iPad 6.0 and above
Android 4.0 and above
  • After years of working with different mobile devices we have found that the Android, iPhone, and iTouch best meets our business and medical needs. All three devices have a very strong background in emailing and calendaring. Also both devices have long history of being supported by all the major mobile medical applications.