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Media Services

A growing trend among educators has been the recording of useful snippits of information in the form of podcasts. A podcast is an easily accessible audio or video file aimed at delivering the key points of larger educational topics. Podcasts work best when they're short and to-the-point. We're taking suggestions for new podcast ideas every day.

Podcast Production Process and Tips

Video Recording
Certain lectures and presentations can be recorded to video for any number of uses. Smaller video projects can be handled by DFM ITS staff while larger projects may require the help of DoIT personnel or Media Solutions. If you have an idea for a project and would like to see what can be done, please answer the questions on the form below.

Media Project Request Form

Digital Media Library
Whenever a podcast or other short audio/video project is produced within the department, it gets added to the “Digital Media Library.” Once at this page, users can sort the media by category or faculty member and download files to their PC. Most of the content is also uploaded to YouTube and then embedded within the Media Library for users to view without leaving the site.

Visit the Digital Media Library

YouTube Channel
YouTube is a booming website that dominates media distribution on the internet. Anyone can upload videos with the click of a button and the whole world can watch them. The DFM YouTube channel is one of the few channels associated with the University of Wisconsin. Media projects recorded with department faculty members are uploaded to the channel to provide more public access. Anyone can view the content that is uploaded so it serves as a marketing tool, bringing otherwise unassociated viewers to the DFM website for more information. The DFM YouTube channel has so far been a success with hundreds of subscribers and videos that have been viewed thousands of times.

Visit the DFM YouTube Channel

IME Video Library
The Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC) has developed their own web site for housing and distributing media content. The majority of medstudent lectures held in theire building are recorded and uploaded to this web site for students who were unable to attend. However, they are always looking for other related medical content that could be added. If the DFM has a recorded lecture or other presentation that is too long for YouTube or the Digital Media Library, it may end up on the IME Video Library.

Visit the IME Video Library