Clicker Support

ITS now supports the latest in presentation hardware technology: clickers.


A clicker is just a little bigger than a credit card, and it works with a specially designed PowerPoint presentation software add-on called TurningPoint. You distribute a clicker to each audience member, and when you ask a question, TurningPoint tracks the responses and displays them on the screen. The clicker, in conjunction with the TurningPoint software, allows the presenter to gauge audience comprehension of the topic being covered and adjust the presentation accordingly. Clickers are an easy to adopt technology that can greatly improve the learning experience.

Please check the AH-Clickers calendar to make sure the clickers are available for the time and day you want to reserve them


  • Help with creating a TurningPoint presentation using your PowerPoint slides
  • We will show you how the equipment works
  • The first time you use the clickers for a presentation ITS will be there to get you started and answer any questions.

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