Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS Team

Justin Knupp (ITS Director)

Leads, manages and oversees all aspects of Technology at the DFM. Responsible for advising Executive and Admin Teams on technology planning, new technology and development within UWMF, UWHealth and the UW communities. Provides financial oversight of ITS projects, expenses and develops the annual ITS budget in coordinate with ITS support staff, Finance and Admin Teams. Represents the DFM on multiple committees and working groups within the UWHealth, and UW communities. Works closely with Education and Residency groups within DFM to develop new technology-based educational methods, materials and processes. Coordinates technology needs of DFM Residency clinics. Works closely with Clinical Department to match technology system and project with operational and patient-case based needs. Serves as the DFM HIPAA Security Officer, responsible for overseeing HIPAA and HITECH standards are implemented and followed in DFM systems and projects. Responsible for all aspects of new-technology development and investigation with areas of relevance at the DFM. This includes new software systems, mobile technology, mHealth systems and educational technologies. Establishes relationships with other departments within the UWMF, UWHealth and UW communities for cross-departmental projects and cooperation.

Jim Witkins (Communications - Internal and External Web site/Marketing/Social Media Development)

Manages the online content and brand of the DFM's Public and Internal Web sites, as well as social media presence (Facebook, Flickr, iTunesU, Twitter, YouTube). Point person for distributing DFM related news online. Works with Faculty and Staff to gather and create content for online and print media while planning for alternative distribution methods. Works closely with multiple groups within the DFM to train content owners in web maintenance practices and helps to establish policies and processes for online projects.

Thomas Blader (System admin/mobile development/infrastructure)

Designs, researches, tunes and implements software and hardware to support the internal server environment for the Research and Website teams. Relied on for technical problem solving as well as root cause analysis of systems issues in the software, hardware and network areas. Also responsible for providing managed and scalable growth of research and website systems, and providing insight into cost effective solutions which leverage current technologies. Works closely with the Web and HR system (PIMS) teams to create efficient and reliable computing platforms. DFM mobile-platform development (IOS and Android).

Jacob Duffy (Systems programmer/Ruby on Rails/Database Developer)

Systems Programmer working on new HR systems and development projects for DFM. Involved in research and planning for migration to the new system. Performs Ruby on Rails development with interdepartmental cooperation to provide timely product release. Contributes to UI development of new systems and provides support for legacy MS Acess databases. Provides conversion for legacy database systems. Works closely with other members of the IT department on development and database design.

Matt Fleming (Multimedia production and educational support)

Acts as the in-house multimedia specialist for the Department. Works with faculty and residents to produce educational videos to be distributed to faculty, staff, residents and medical students either on the Department's web site, YouTube page, or iTunes. Records lectures and Department events for later viewing collecting them in a DFM lecture archive. Provides assistance with video-conferencing for meetings and resident seminars. Converts and edits all types of audio and video files for a variety of uses, including educational podcasts, instructional videos, video snippets for CBT courses, and reference learning videos. Works closely with the web team to distribute content and to develop new distribution channels for learning content.

Chester Small (Help Desk/Faculty Technology support/Project Management)

Provides 2nd tier workstation/network support for all of DFM clinics including on-site support when needed. Provides hardware and software support , including desktops, laptops, printers, and the installation of complicated software. Provides technical training for the entire DFM including one-on-one training and periodic group training sessions. Administrates and provides training/support for Just-In-Time call and resource scheduling system for our Madison based community clinics. Part of the video conference team. Provides technology and system support for New Innovation, ERAS, Qualtrics, resident orientation, in-training exam, and mobile solutions. Works closely with Residents and Faculty during the Resident on-boarding process.

Armando Vera (Help Desk/Faculty Technology support/Project Management)

Provides 2nd tier workstation/network support for all of DFM clinics including on-site support when needed. Manages all equipment inventory-ordering -deployment for DFM-managed PC desktop/laptop users and Apple users. Duties also include system configurations (imaging process), technical support and troubleshooting. Part of the Research and Development Team for mobile solutions benefiting Faculty, Residents and Staff and incorporating iPhone, Blackberry, and iPad devices, which involves ordering and configuring iPads, testing applications. Tests mobile technology and wireless system in coordination with UWMF ITS staff. Also the “unofficial” photographer for the department.

Josh Eliason

Josh is a Linux/Unix systems administrator responsible for computer server infrastructure. He started his ITS Department career at DFM in 2015. Josh holds a Masters in Fine Art degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and a Masters of Science in Medical Informatics from the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). While at UIC, Josh worked as a Research Assistant responsible for computer programming assignments related to the CAVE virtual reality system. Josh worked at Meriter Health Services from 2007-2012 as a Workstation Specialist. From 2012-2015 Josh worked for UW Health as an Information Technology Specialist.

Josh's interests include computer programming, building computing systems, and reading about computing technology. He is looking forward to his retirement in 2045, and he hopes to travel extensively.

Recent ITS Announcement

  1. Migration to Outlook -- August 5, 2013

    On Monday, August 5 at 7:00 am, all DFM sites will have been migrated to Outlook. There will undoubtedly be issues and questions that arise on Monday.  Your Clinic Manager and "Super Users" will be your first line of support if you have any problems with Outlook.

    DFM support plan: 

    • If you cannot log into Outlook on your computer, laptop, or Winterm, please try to access Outlook using the Outlook WebApp at:
    • If you cannot log into Outlook using the Outlook WebApp, please contact the UWHealth HelpDesk at 608-829-5474
    • Outlook Training resources are available through UConnect:   Outlook Training Content
    • If you have an Outlook-related question that you cannot find an answer in the UConnect Training resources, and your Clinic Manager or "Super User" cannot answer, please contact the DFM HelpDesk:

    The DFM ITS Technology Training Team will be returning to each DFM Clinic in September for follow-up training.  We will be in contact with each Clinic Manager to schedule these return visits in a few weeks. 

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