Tenure Track Faculty (TT)

Mentoring and Promotion

Faculty Resource Manual

The Office of Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison provides a faculty resource manual which includes UW information on Faculty Appointments and Promotions, Selected Faculty Policies and Procedures, Faculty Support Programs, Mentoring, and Education Programs and Resources, http://intranet.med.wisc.edu/faculty-resource-manual/30846


  • New faculty DFM and clinical orientation yearly - Sandy Kamnetz
  • Faculty academic orientation
    • Sarina Schrager, Faculty Development Director

Tenure Track SMPH Promotion Guidelines

Office of the Secretary of the Faculty, University of Wisconsin-Madison
133 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1380
(608) 262-3956 for copies of tenure promotion documents

Mentoring – DFM

  • Junior Tenure Track Faculty have mentor committee’s assigned
    • Ken Kushner is lead faculty for Mentoring Committees 263-7915
    • June Daws provides support 265-3660
  • Mentor Tenure committee meetings every 6 months
    • June Daws sends reminder e-mails to schedule
  • Additional Individual mentoring available based on interests from DFM and other UW faculty. See List of DFM Individual Faculty Interests. (coming soon)

Faculty Development Opportunities

  • Faculty Development Director/Research Director meet with each new faculty 3-6 months after hire to determine academic interests
    • Continued monthly mentoring with research director or other senior faculty re: papers and projects
  • Campus based academic faculty meetings across the state have a faculty development component
    • Madison Second Wednesday of the month 4-5:30 pm Sarina Schrager
    • Eau Claire – at weekly Faculty meeting – Kathy Fiandt and Rick McClaflin
    • Fox Valley – FAB meeting – 1st Tues of month – Lee Vogel and Alan Last
    • Wausau – bi-monthly – Mary Zaglifia

Primary Care Faculty Development Fellowship »

  • Jon Temte - Faculty Director
  • Pat Greene - Program Manager

SMPH Office of Continuing Professional Development »
2701 International Lane, Suite #208
Madison, WI 53704-3126
(608) 240-2147

UW Faculty Development Plan http://www.ohr.wisc.edu/grants/InstitutionalFacultyDevelopmentPlan.html

UW Secretary of the Faculty Office  http://intranet.med.wisc.edu/faculty-resource-manual/30846 for faculty policies and procedures, faculty governance, faculty service, mentoring programs, faculty senate, awards and university committee

DFM Resources/Consultation

  • Updating and formatting of faculty CVs
    • June Daws for promotion/ Terry Little - ongoing
  • Writing consulting (help with outlines, revisions, publication) referrals to content experts
    • Mary Beth Plane
    • Sarina Schrager
  • Academic activity consulting for technical assistance with
    • Powerpoint – Kathy McCain
    • Posters – Terry Little, Sue McGuire,
  • Article submission – Terry Little, Kim Jansen, Sue McGuire
  • Article Editing and formatting – Terry Little, Mary Stone
  • Summer Student Research and Clinical Assistantship Program – Faculty develop research project and application for summer student who spends 8 weeks full time in program.
    • Jon Temte Director
  • DFM small grants for research and education projects
  • Clinical data warehouse database available for analysis and consulting assistance https://cdw.fammed.wisc.edu/
  • Family Practice Inquiries Network (FPIN) Offers Publishing Opportunities for Faculty and Residents  http://www.fammed.wisc.edu/our-department/newsletter/spring-2009/fpin-publishing-opportunities-resident
  • ·Research consulting (help with research design and methods, data collection, analysis, grant submission, budgeting assistance, statistics)
    • Mary Beth Plane (Terry Little for appointments and referrals)
    • Diana Myers for budgeting assistance and grant submission
  • Assistance with Human Subjects Applications for research – links

UW/SMPH Resources

UWMF Resources

  • Ambulatory Innovation Grants: provide funding for innovative ideas to improve UW Health ambulatory care operations. Open to all UW Health associated staff, the program promotes: Stakeholder Loyalty, Bridging the "Quality Chasm" and Building the Academic Health System of the Future Ambulatory Care Innovation Grant (ACIG) Application