Clinician Teacher Track Faculty (CT)

Mentoring and Promotion

Faculty Resource Manual

The Office of Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison provides a faculty resource manual which includes UW information on Faculty Appointments and Promotions, Selected Faculty Policies and Procedures, Faculty Support Programs, Mentoring, and Education Programs and Resources,


  • New faculty DFM and clinical orientation yearly - Sandy Kamnetz

Promotion Guidelines CT – Clinician Teacher Track SMPH

Mentoring - DFM

  • For individual clinical and teaching mentoring, please contact your medical director
  • Additional Individual mentoring available based on interests from DFM and other UW faculty. See List of DFM Individual Faculty Interests. (coming soon)

Faculty Development Opportunities

Medical Directors meet with each new faculty 3-6 months after hire to determine academic interests

  • Continued monthly mentoring, if needed, with research director or other senior faculty re: papers and projects

Primary Care Faculty Development Fellowship »

  • Jon Temte - Faculty Director
  • Pat Greene - Program Manager

SMPH Office of Continuing Professional Development »
2701 International Lane, Suite #208
Madison, WI 53704-3126
(608) 240-2147

DFM Resources/Consultation

  • Updating and formatting of faculty CVs
    • June Daws
  • Writing consulting (help with outlines, revisions, publication) referrals to content experts
    • Mary Beth Plane
    • Sarina Schrager
  • Academic activity consulting for technical assistance with
    • Powerpoint – Kathy McCain
    • Posters – Terry Little, Sue McGuire,
  • Article submission – Terry Little, Kim Jansen, Sue McGuire
  • Article Editing and formatting – Terry Little, Mary Stone
  • Family Practice Inquiries Network (FPIN) Offers Publishing Opportunities for Faculty and Residents
  • Summer Student Research and Clinical Assistantship Program – Faculty develop research project and application for summer student who spends 8 weeks full time in program.
    • Jon Temte Director
  • DFM small grants for research and education projects
  • Clinical data warehouse database available for analysis and consulting assistance
  • Research consulting (help with research design and methods, data collection, analysis, grant submission, budgeting assistance, statistics)
    • Mary Beth Plane (Terry Little for appointments and referrals)
    • Diana Myers for budgeting assistance and grant submission
  • Assistance with Human Subjects Applications for research – links

UW/SMPH Resources

UWMF Resources

  • Ambulatory Innovation Grants: provide funding for innovative ideas to improve UW Health ambulatory care operations. Open to all UW Health associated staff, the program promotes: Stakeholder Loyalty, Bridging the "Quality Chasm" and Building the Academic Health System of the Future Ambulatory Care Innovation Grant (ACIG) Application