Resources - Social Determinants


  • It Takes A Community - Alan R. Weil - (PDF)

  • Vietnam’s Health Care System Emphasizes Prevention And Pursues Universal Coverage - Tsung-Mei Cheng - (PDF)

  • Social Determinants Of Health And Community Needs: Implications For Health Legacy Foundations - Sabrina Jones Niggel - (PDF)

  • Case Study: San Francisco’s Use Of Neighborhood Indicators To Encourage Healthy Urban Development - Rajiv Bhatia - (PDF)

  • Why We Need Climate, Health, and Equity in All Policies - Linda Rudolph - (PDF)

  • Working with the Super-Utilizer Population: The Experience and Recommendation of Five Pennsylvania Programs  - (PDF)

  • A Health-In-All-Policies Approach Addresses Many Of Richmond, California’s Place-Based Hazards, Stressors - Jason Corburn - (PDF)

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration To Improve Community Health: A View Of The Current Landscape - Paul W. Mattessich - (PDF)

  • Using Pay-For-Success To Increase Investment In The Nonmedical Determinants Of Health - Ian Galloway - (PDF)

  • Avertable Deaths Associated With Household Income in Virginia - Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH - (PDF)

  • The NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Health Collaborative: A Three-Year Progress Report -  J. Emilio Carrillo - (PDF)

  • Health Care Professionals: Opportunities to Address Social Determinants of Health - Geoffrey R. Swain, MD, MPH - (PDF)

  • Improving Injury Prevention Through Health Information Technology - Tamara M. Haegerich, PhD - (PDF)