Resources - Community Engagements


  • What Is Population Health? - David Kindig, MD, PhD- (PDF)

  • Public reporting needs reform! - David L. Hahn, MD, MS - (PDF)

  • Integration of Primary Care & Public Health - Mary Wellik, MPH, BSN - (PDF)

  • Collaboration, Consistency, and Community Spirit: How Durham Advances Health - from Health Affairs Blog - (PDF)

  • A State Policy Framework for Integrating Health and Social Services - Tricia McGinnis - (PDF)

  • A Checklist of Strategies for Health Care-Community Prevention Integration Leveraging CDC’s Chronic Disease FOAs - (PDF)

  • Communities of Solution: The Folsom Report Revisted - Kim S. Griswold, MD, MPH - (PDF)

  • Clinic–Community Linkages for High-Value Care - Thomas D. Sequist, M.D., M.P.H - (PDF)

  • Improving Population Health: Ideas and Action - David A. Kindig, MD, PhD - (PDF)

  • Engaging Stakeholders in Population Health - David A. Kindig, MD, PhD - (PDF)

  • Training Residents for a New System of Primary Care - Alan Dow, MD, MSHA - (PDF)

  •  RACE FOR RESULTS: building a path to opportunity for all children - The Annie E. Casey Foundation - (PDF)

  • The Role of Community Health Centers in Assessing the Social Determinants of Health for Planning and Policy The Example of Frontier New Mexico - Sean Bruna, PhD - (PDF)

  • Health is Primary: Family Medicine for America's Health - (PDF)

  • Critiquing US Health Care - Victor R. Fuchs, PhD - (PDF)

  • Using TED Talks to teach social determinants of health - Eileen Nicole, MD, CM, CCFP - (PDF)

  • Population Health and the Academic Medical Center: The time is right - Marc N. Gourevitch, MD, MPH- (PDF)

  • Principals of Community Engagement - NIH Publication - (PDF)