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  1. Register for the McGovern-Tracy Student Scholars Awards - May 7, 2015:

    You and a guest are invited to attend the 2015 McGovern-Tracy Student Scholars Awards on Thursday, May 7, 5:15-8:00 PM at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center. Register Online.

    The keynote speaker will be Alexandra Adams, MD PhD.

    Join your colleagues and friends for this wonderful evening celebrating and honoring the accomplishments of medical student and resident award winners. You will receive an email invitation in the near future.

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  2. Blue Sky: Lessons Learned

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the Blue Sky event on March 18th a success! 151 staff and faculty from 26 locations joined in an invigorating conversation with Drs. Frank deGruy (Chair, University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine) and Macaran Baird (Head, University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine and Community Health). We appreciate everyone who was able to contribute in person as well as those who kept things running at our clinics and administrative offices.

    Recordings of the talks are available on the DFMCH ReCHARGED website. Staff and faculty were most excited by ideas of:

    • community engagement
    • allowing room for innovation (including failure!)
    • working in teams to support primary care

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  3. Soaring for Change - Update On the 2020 Initiative

    Over 50 members from across the department joined us for a brainstorming session on December 11, 2014. We concluded by folding paper cranes as a personal and collective act toward a more intentional commitment to diversity, inclusion and health equity. Please see them all mounted on the 2nd floor of Alumni Hall welcoming people into the residency hallway.

    We are very excited to report that with the support of the Executive Team we will be embarking upon Phase 2 that we are calling the “Action Phase” built around these concepts:

    Training; Recruiting; Unlearning and learning; Sustaining and retaining; and Tracking (TRUST).

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  4. Faculty Development Digest

    What Great Basketball Coaches Can Teach Us About Doctoring

    Tournament Time! The time of year that brings friends, family, and colleagues together to cheer and commiserate over brackets and games. When it comes to the final two weekends, it is often the same teams year after year. What can the coaches of great teams teach us about doctoring?

    Preparation and Fundamentals (John Wooden, UCLA) Read more... »

  5. Blue Sky Event Follow Up

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Blue Sky Event yesterday! This was a great community event. 151 staff and faculty from more than 20 locations gathered to hear from  Dr. Frank deGruy and Dr. Macaran Baird about new ways of thinking in family medicine. Look for videos, a summary and follow-up to come soon.  

    There is still time for everyone to participate in the strategic planning process. You have until tomorrow to complete the Department of Family Medicine Strategic Planning Survey! So far, 341people have completed the survey. If you are one of the 700 people we haven't heard from, you have until tomorrow, March 20th, to complete the Qualtrics survey you received in your email.

    Your answers are confidential. The only people who will have access to the responses are the people doing the analysis. Your individual results will not be identified or reported. Your voice is critical to the future of our department. Please share your opinions and thoughts in the DFMCH ReCHARGED survey.

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  6. ReCHARGED Survey: Still Time to Participate

    Thanks to the 157 people who have already participated in the Department of Family Medicine Strategic Planning survey!

    Congratulations to our prize winners: Read more... »

  7. A Time to Imagine the Possibilities - DFM Blue Sky Event

    Wednesday, March 18th
    12:00pm - 5:00pm
    Pyle Center, Madison, WI

    Registration is now closed.

    You are invited to join us for a Blue Sky Event to think about the future of the Department of Family Medicine. Blue Sky events are a time to expand our horizons and learn about new possibilities.  This event is for everyone! DFMCH ReCHARGED is for staff. It is for clinicians. DFMCH ReCHARGED is for people who work in clinics and people who work in administrative offices. DFMCH ReCHARGED is for people who work across the state and people who work in Madison. Your participation will help us think about where we want to be in the future. Participation in this event is compensation work time.

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  8. Health Literacy Summit: April 13-15, 2015

    Registration is now open for the 2015 Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit, “Better Health through Better Communication.”

    This event, sponsored by Wisconsin Health Literacy, will be held April 14-15, 2015, at Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison. The UW Department of Family Medicine is serving as one of the Summit’s Host Partners and Contributing Sponsors in recognition of the significant impact improved health literacy can have on patient engagement and community health.

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  9. Faculty Development Digest

    Articles Worth a Read

    Practicing What We Teach: In Order to Teach Patient-Centered Care, We Need to Deliver It


    How We Teach US Medical Students to Negotiate Uncertainty in Clinical Care: A CERA Study Read more... »

  10. DFM ReCHARGED January Update

    The DFM ReCHARGED Steering Group has been hard at work over the last two months. We are getting ready to hear from YOU!

    We are working on the Data Gathering phase of our timeline. In the next month you will receive a link to an online survey. Your answers will help determine what we focus on during this visioning process and ultimately determine where we go as a Department.

    The survey will be organized along the following 3 areas of critical importance to the current and future functioning of our department: Read more... »