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  1. DFMCH ReCHARGED Strategic Planning Update - Where We Are and What Comes Next?

    Are you wondering what's going on with the strategic planning process and what happens next? If so, you are not alone! We've received questions about how the process works and how all of these different events will help us create a strategic plan for DFMCH.

    The ReCHARGED Steering Group created a five-minute video to explain what's already been done and what is involved in the rest of the process. Watch it here! Read more... »

  2. Faculty Development Digest

    Yes!!!!, And……


    I recently returned from the Third International Medical Improv Train-the-Trainer Workshop and am excited about the potential applications. You may be understandingly skeptical about how improv relates to medicine-I certainly was when I first came across the workshop. But after attending, I feel there are a multitude of applications for medical improv and give you my Top Five. Read more... »

  3. Mission: Haiti

    Mission Haiti

    Haiti is the most dangerous country in which to give birth in the Western Hemisphere. The lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 83.  94% of women are cared for by matrons or family members instead of skilled attendants.The infant mortality rate stands at 350 deaths per 100,000 births, compared to the U.S. rate of 12.7 deaths. Many people in Haiti do not have access to basic medical care and clean water.  At times, even the hospital goes without electricity and running water. A non-profit organization, Midwives for Haiti, has a vision to change current conditions so that all Haitian women will have access to prenatal care and deliver with the assistance of a skilled birth attendant. 

    Read more... »

  4. DFMCH ReCHARGED Opportunities Conference

    On June 3rd, 37 staff and 28 faculty from 15 locations across DFM participated in an Opportunities Conference to problem solve around seven operational issues that can and must be addressed as they stand in the way of our efforts to create a more ideal future. Mercedes Alonso, consultant from the Napier Group, presented these as the pillars or supports for the strategic plan. Read more... »

  5. Diversity Committee Members Named

     I am delighted to share with you the members of the  Department of Family Medicine’s new Diversity Committee Read more... »

  6. Diversity Committee Update

    The Executive Team is selecting members to serve on the Diversity Committee.  We will soon be sharing the selected names  but without question we have an incredible list of eligible applicants. I hope all of them will serve on this committee at some time as we rotate members. I have also just been elected to the SMPH Diversity and Equity Committee and so will continue to advocate for our work at the medical school level and hope to see even greater cross-fertilization of ideas and projects across the school. Read more... »

  7. Blue Skies: Imagining our Future

    Sharon Adams, Program Director at Walnut Way Conservation Corp in Milwaukee, joined DFM for an energizing discussion around Community Health on May 1st. The summary and video of the event are available on the DFMCH ReCHARGED website. Read more... »

  8. Blue Sky II and III: Continuing the Conversation

    You are invited to two upcoming educational lunchtime sessions! Bring your lunch and join us as we continue imagining the possibilities for the future of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. Each session will feature a statewide videoconference with an invited speaker followed by time for questions and answers.

    Read more... »

  9. Faculty Development Digest

    Swimming Upstream

    The first time I visited Seattle six years ago, a good friend took me to Ballard Locks to see the salmon ladder. What a sight! The salmon faced an incredible challenge-swimming against rushing waters, upstream and up ladders, but they made it.

    Over the past year, I’ve been impressed by the amount of editorials in major journals, conferences and organizations focused on upstream medicine and “right care”, that I am hopeful we are at a tipping point. Read more... »

  10. DFMCH ReCHARGED: Blue Skies Ahead

    Blue Skies: Imagining our Future

    The summary, Q&A with Dr. Frank deGruy and Dr. Mac Baird and evaluations from Blue Sky I are posted on the DFHCH ReCHARGED website. At the Blue Sky Event on March 18th, we asked, "What idea from today that you are most excited about?" The top three responses were: Read more... »