DFM Announcements

  1. AAMC Meeting in San Antonio: Care for a Community

    I recently attended the AAMC meeting in San Antonio. The theme was communities. I’ll share with you three reflections:

    1. From the podium during a plenary the difference in reimbursement for primary care relative to specialty care was again lamented. It remains to be seen however whether this discrepancy will change. Our departmental support has all been local, from UWMF. Nonetheless, these comments mirror an increasingly public recognition of the importance of primary care.

  2. Getting to Know the Department

    Colleagues – I have now been part of the UW DFM for 4 months and thought it would be appropriate to give you an update of my work.

    As most of you know I have largely spent my time getting to know the parts of this diverse and impressive department. I have traveled across the state – Wausau twice, Eau Claire once, Appleton three times and Milwaukee twice. I hit several storms and re-learned driving in snow! I have visited every office around Dane county at least once (except for Cross Plains with whom my schedule keeps conflicting). I continue to be impressed with the expertise, warmth, and commitment to excellence I have witnessed. Read more... »

  3. Thoughts After One Month at the Dept

    I have finished my first month as Chair of the Department and want to start a short focused monthly note to dialogue with faculty.

    I continue to be impressed by the quantity and diversity of talent here - in the department and in the university. I took this job because the most satisfying piece of my other Chair jobs was being part of a group making positive change. The most fun I have had this month is meeting some of you. I look forward to meeting the rest of the department over the next few months so we can start to chart the department’s trajectory into the future. Read more... »